Magnetic tourmaline heating back support

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Product Description

 Tourmaline magnetic back support

material  tourmaline and magnetic stone
size adjustable
magnetic energy 1500gauss
part of body shoulder and back pain healing


It is woven of magnetic fibre, far infrared fibre, and is enchased reasonable quantities permanent magnets according to the points of neck, shoulder and back. It can directly act on the points of the neck ,shoulder and back through far infrared and magnetic field such as jianjing,fengmen,jianzhongyu, dazhu,etc, relieve ache of shoulder and tiredness of back, dredge the meridian of shoulders weeks, bronchia, cervical vertebrae, heart and chest. It also has the role of adjuvant therapy for cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder,,gastrosis, spondylopathy. In addition in the heart of the corresponding parts also were set up 5 heart-shaped magnets. Through far infrared ray and magnetic field it can protect the heart effective, activate heart cells, increase the elasticity of heart blood vessel, improve blood-supply status of heart, prevent angina and heart disease to happen and develop.