Smart back support corrector

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Adjustable back  posture corrector smart back support corrector
Products Description
Product Description:
*Wearing our back straightener for some time builds muscle memory, which means that you will keep your back straight even without the posture correction device.
*Our back corrector is one of the best posture devices that allows you completely free movement. It is equipped with smart induction and vibrates when the wearer hunches down to immediately remind them to correct their posture.
An easy-to-use product is all you need to start wearing the Posture Corrector for 20-30 minutes a day, gradually wear it over 1-2 hours, and feel the difference.
It has stealth wear and an adjustable design making it discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse. It can be worn by men and women, adults and children alike.

Product Specification:
Color: White
Material: Nylon Belt, ABS
Functions: Posture Corrector
Usage Time: 15 days
Charging Time: 2 hours
Battery Information: 200mAh / 3.7V

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